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In writer/director Hue Rhodes’ Saint John Of Las Vegas, a retelling of Dante Alighieri’s classic “Dante’s Inferno,” insurance salesman John (Steve Buscemi, giving one of his best performances to date) has left his past life as a gambler without lady luck on his arm. That is, until fate pulls him back towards the vile temptress known as Las Vegas, as he must return for his first case as a newly promoted fraud investigator. Paired with veteran fraud investigator and sidekick Virgil (Weeds’ Romany Malco), the two set out on an epic journey, encountering along the way a sexy & smiley face obsessed coworker (Sarah Silverman), a wheelchair-bound stripper, a human torch, and an armed nudist colony. And that’s only the top of this twisted deck of cards!

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Year : 2009
Director : Hue Rhodes
Cast : Sarah Silverman, Steve Buscemi
Genre : Drama
Running Time : 85 mins
Country : US
Language : English
Format : 1 DVD – PAL – region 4


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